Rising energy prices are one of the inflation drivers in the Czech Republic. In November 2022, the CPI was 16.2%. Two months later, at the end of January 2023, it was already 17.5%. In spite of introducing the ‘anti-inflation shield’ focussing on subsidies for household bills, the wave of price increases was not stopped. Bearing the above factors in mind, investors are increasingly opting for PV systems with energy storage as the source of the solution to problems with rising electricity prices.

Energy storage – a key element to increase your installation company’s profits

One of the pillars of the fight against inflation is support for energy transformation. The government in Prague grants subsidies for the purchase of RES, and their amount exceeds values that inhabitants of Poland, Slovakia or Germany can obtain for similar purposes. It is mostly for this reason that we have been observing a market recovery in the past three years. In 2020, over 4.8 thousand Czechs received subsidies for a home photovoltaic system. One year later, it was 6.5 thousand, and in the first half of 2022, the number of new installations of PV systems exceeded 7 thousand items. Considering internal factors (inflation, high interest rates, deficits of raw materials) and external factors (EU environmental policy, the ongoing war in Ukraine), a further growth in demand should be expected. This is also confirmed by data contained in the SolarPower Europe report, which indicates that the Czech RES market is expected to grow dynamically until 2030.

How to prepare oneself for the upcoming boom on the market? When looking at the activities of foreign brands, the main success factors are:

  • A base of reliable installers,
  • Comprehensive service,
  • A stock of components from renown brands.

The fulfilment of the first two premises is surely your strong point. It is time to consider where to buy goods, including, primarily, PV storage systems.

How the installation of an energy storage system can help your company to gain new customers

Why is the reliability of supply so important? As the recent history of the European market has shown us, the supply of devices often exceeds consumer demand. Inverters of renown brands and devices that increase auto-consumption, including energy storage systems, are the most susceptible to economic situation. The last element is especially important on the Czech market, because – according to data – as many as 80% of beneficiaries of national subsidies install PV systems with electricity storage batteries. Let’s repeat this once more: every fourth inhabitant expects of the installation company a fast and reliable installation of a PV system with energy storage. At the same time, there are still very few companies that can obtain these devices on a regular basis and fast. Batteries are a scarce product in Czech warehouses. SOLITAN application may be of help here.


The Solitan app


What is SOLITAN application?

SOLITAN is a leading Polish distributor of PV devices. Many years of experience in the dynamically growing market have enabled this brand to build a portfolio of business partners and offer the highest quality products. The B2B application for installers enables:

  • Ongoing verification of purchase prices,
  • Information about current promotions,
  • Completing all elements of the PV system, including hybrid inverters and energy storage systems,
  • Generating a price offer for the end customer,
  • Benefiting from expert technical advice.

SOLITAN’s mission is to help installers and offer them reliable, certified devices with long-term guarantees and reliability of fast supplies.


All solar components in one place


Products that your customers are looking for

An energy storage solution should match the system. As the needs of inhabitants differ, the range of the electricity storage solutions offered should be diversified. From investor’s point of view, the key factors influencing a purchase decision are:

  • manufacturer’s renown,
  • long-term guarantee,
  • compliance with, for example, the following norms: CE, RCM, CEC, VDE2510-50, IEC62619, IEC 60730, UN38.3,
  • a large number of charging cycles,
  • attractive price,
  • optimal discharging depth,
  • adaptability to the requirements of subsidy programs,
  • possibility of expanding the system with subsequent battery modules in the future.

SOLITAN offers products that are characterised by the above features. Among the recommended devices are:

  • Huawei Luna 2000 energy storage system with 5-E0 battery module,
  • Huawei Luna 2000 energy storage system with 5KW-CO control module,
  • Pylontech Force H2 BMS energy storage system with battery modules,
  • Tigo energy storage system with the following parameters:
    • 6 kW with 5.5 kWh or 9.2 kWh batteries,
    • 10 kW with 5.5 kWh/9.2 kWh/12.2 kWh batteries,
    • 15 kW with 5.5 kWh/9.2 kWh/12.2 kWh batteries.

Why the installation of energy storage systems will benefit not only your customers, but also your business

When deciding to buy a PV system, the investor’s goals are clearly defined: pay less for electricity and forget about subsequent energy price rises. This is why installers should recommend them devices of renown brands with extended component lifetime. Nowadays, a key element of a PV system is an energy storage system. It permits:

  • maximising the use of generated energy,
  • obtaining full energy independence,
  • gaining the guarantee of no energy supply interruptions in the event of network failures,
  • eliminating disturbances that reduce energy quality,
  • taking care of the environment even better.

And primarily, saving more. With the state funds, the purchase of a system with energy storage is currently cheap. The Czech’s awareness of the benefits connected with the use of a comprehensive PV system has also been growing with every passing year.

Offering energy storage systems is also a package of benefits for your installation company. Thanks to guaranteed supplies from SOLTAN:

  • you are prepared for demand in the market,
  • your offer precedes the competence,
  • you save – by contracting devices today, you obtain lower prices,
  • you can be sure of the compatibility of devices.

Take your decision now. Visit the application today and use the expert advisory services offered by one of the leaders of green energy transformation.


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