Energy storage

Storing energy in your own accumulators is now possible! Check out our energy storage offer!

Energy storage - far-off prospect or current need?

Something that not long ago seemed to be the melody of the future, today begins to revolutionize the photovoltaic market in Europe. More and more investors decide to buy energy storage, because thanks to this they acquire a strong position in the fight against rising electricity bills and power system failures. In SOLITAN you have a large selection of batteries from reputable manufacturers!

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Convenience, safety and a carefully selected variety of options!


With the zero energy export feature, there is no need to give and take energy using the public power grid.

High quality

High quality


We can use energy storage to power a facility, but also electric or hybrid cars.


The storages are configurated and ready to be used.

We will help you to choose the right component in our app!

Haven’t dealt with energy storage before? No problem! Our virtual advisor will help you choose batteries for your needs. Let us know what kind of installation you intend to build and we will take care of the rest! There is also a different way to order, where you decide what and how you want to connect! More information about how our solution works can be found in the “About the application” tab.

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One device, multiple benefits!

Energy storage is a universal solution. It can be used in both on-grid installations and hybrid systems. Our range has all the necessary features of good equipment. The EPS option allows you to enable automatic operation. The BMS protects the equipment against overcharging, deep discharge and overheating. Storage units can also be combined with each other and expanded for even greater energy independence. As an specialist you will find with us everything you need to run the latest generation of photovoltaics!

We invite you to take a look at the SOLITAN offer!

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