SOLITAN is a brand
creating solutions for
the photovoltaic industry.

We are practitioners with a great deal of theoretical knowledge and are well qualified to provide comprehensive technical consulting. Our photovoltaic wholesaler is the place where you can buy all the components to build a photovoltaic system with just a few clicks.

We know all about the challenges of the photovoltaic market!

We are a company specializing in the wholesale of photovoltaic components in its broadest sense. Talking to installers, we see in advance the challenges faced by the market. Therefore, we meet the expectations of our customers by offering materials from reputable manufacturers.
The synergy of human resources, technological potential,
optimized management and consulting quality, and above all, experience, makes it possible to introduce modern and safe solutions to the market. SOLITAN means long warranties, high availability of products and professional assistance!

Intuitive installer support system

Traditional B2B platforms are in the past.
With us you will purchase material in a modern and intuitive Application!

All photovoltaics in one place

We offer modern solutions for every budget.


Photovoltaic modules from the Bloomberg Tier 1 list, inverters, support structures and much more available in one place!

Photovoltaics hybrid

Hybrid inverters are a melody of the nearest future that will become a market standard. Be ahead and add it to your offer!

Energy storages

Get ready for the upcoming changes now! We offer a variety of accumulators, charge regulators and other accessories necessary for battery users.


Mounting structures

The constructions we offer are made with attention to every detail and have the necessary certificates.


Technologically advanced, innovative chargers for cars, boats or accumulators. Available now at attractive prices!

Heat pumps

Ecological heating is a fundamental challenge for mankind today. Check our wide range of heat pumps.

Knowledge base

The solar market is changing every day. Want to keep up with the news? We invite you to our knowledge base, where we systematically discuss current and important topics in the industry!

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